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The Your Choice programme provides access to early intervention for young people with mild to moderate mental health concerns.  
You may be a young person or know of a young person who is;

  • stressed out, worries a lot or is starting to avoid situations because they are anxious
  • feeling sad a lot
  • not enjoying the things they used to or lacks motivation
  • finding it hard to deal with the grief of losing someone or their parents separation
  • stressors within the family, not communicating well or getting on with each other
  • relationship issues with your peers, being bullied or dealing with a recent breakup

If you can relate to any of the above feelings/emotions then our programme may be right for you as long as you fit our criteria.


Aged 12 to 24 years old
Lives within the Waitemata catchment area - Waitakere city, Rodney or North Shore
Not currently under secondary mental health services such as Marinoto or Adult Mental Health

What do we provide?

  • We provide free access to youth friendly counsellors, psychologists and youth workers, and mentors. 
  • We will match you to the most appropriate and skilled professional
  • We will pay for you to have 4 talk therapy sessions or 8 mentoring sessions

How do you apply?

By completing the referral form below or you can call us on 0800 562 023 or text 021 824 500. 

Download the Youth Hub Referral Form here

All referrals are triaged/discussed on a Monday morning and a Youth Health Hub facilitator will contact you within the week to discuss options.  


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