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About Te Puna Manawa HealthWEST

HealthWEST Limited is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) with Registered Maori Status based in Henderson West Auckland. As an NGO we believe in empowering our community to take responsibility for their health and well-being through support, education, professionalism, respect and integrity. 

We provide free innovative community and primary health, social and whanau ora services across the Greater Auckland region with a particular focus on Maori, Pacific, tamariki, rangatahi, whanau and other high needs populations.

Embracing and supporting the concepts behind Whanau Ora through a number of integrated joint ventures with local District Health Boards and Primary Care Providers,Te Puna Manawa HealthWEST is able to assist and empower the West and North Auckland community to take responsibility for their own health and well being by providing information and pathways to clinical, justice, education and social services, by promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting healthy lifestyle choices and positive change.

Te Puna Manawa HealthWEST believes that the solution does not lie solely within the individual but also through the people around them, their Whanau. By working together with Whanau, Te Puna Manawa HealthWEST gains a greater understanding of the life challenges faced by the community and how best to develop an action plan to minimise, resolve or adapt to these challenges.


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